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Kangen : Amazing Benefits

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For most of us, how to reach our very best level of health is a bit of a mystery. We can manage to eat right, exercise regularly, even take expensive supplements, and still lack that sense of vitality that should come with good health.

Some of us struggle with enormous health challenges such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, weight issues, back pain, digestion disorders, constipation, diabetes, hypertension and on and on, so many more. Health problems that can certainly slow us down and often make us feel frustrated or discouraged. Even people who consider themselves relatively healthy often have a sense that their health should really be so much better, right?

There is something so simple and yet so effective that you will be amazed that it can create profound changes in your health. It’s called ionized, alkaline water, the Japanese call it kangen water. Ionized alkaline water starts out as ordinary tap water, but it is transformed through water ionization to something only found in nature – it becomes water that is super hydrating, it becomes water that is loaded with anti-aging antioxidants, and it becomes water that detoxifies, flushing toxins and acidic wastes out of our cells like true nature’s water was intended to do.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; health experts across the country are making the case for drinking alkaline water. Let’s read a few of these here:

Experts on Alkaline Water Benefits

Dr. Sherry Rodgers, author of “Detox or Die” says,
“Alkaline water rids the body of acid waste. After carefully evaluating the results of my advice to hundreds of individuals, I am convinced that toxicity in the form of acidic waste is the primary cause of degenerative disease.”
Most of us have heard of — if not been on — the Atkins Diet. Here’s what the noted diet author and health expert Dr. Robert Atkins, writes,
“The cells and fluids in most peoples bodies are overly acidic. This can cause a lot of health problems. It prevents your body from neutralizing and disposing of harmful poisonous toxins and leaves you more susceptible to the cell damaging free radical oxidation that leads to cancer and other diseases.”
Then there’s Dr. William Kelly, College of Metabolic Medicine and author of “Cancer Cure.” He says, and I quote,
“Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in healthcare since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.”
And this one by Dr. Leonard Horowitz the author of “Aids and Ebola,” is really interesting. He did a tremendous amount of research. Here are his findings,
“International studies show that populations with little or no history of illness; such as cancer, drink higher pH alkaline waters. After all potential risk factors were considered and factored out; it became evident that they had been drinking waters with a pH of 9.0 to 10.0.”
Isn’t that is amazing? We could go on and on.  The consensus is pretty much the same, ionized alkaline water is probably the best water we can drink on the planet.

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Kangen - The Healing Alkaline Water !

By Alfred J. Plechner, D.V.M.
Kangen Water™ is the name that Enagic, a Japanese company, has for its reduced ionized water after municipal or other potable water is run through their proprietary ionizer units. There are other such units out in the marketplace, but most medical users tend toward the Enagic machines as they are the only ones consistently to have earned a “medical device” rating from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour. So this current inquiry will focus only on Kangen Water™ results.
The water is named Kangen and that actually has a meaning; Kangen is the Japanese word for “return to origin”. Like many Japanese words (symbols), it has a dual meaning: one is that water is returned to the way it was originally available when the planet was young and secondly that the body returns to the healthy way it used to be before suffering the toxic and debilitating stresses of aging.
Kangen Water™ is created by a special process that was developed originally by the Russians in the 1800’s to create alkaline and acid water for industry. But in the recent past, highly innovative Japanese technologists figured out a way of using medical grade ionizing machinery that make it safe for long term human drinking and other uses. That’s been going on for more than 40 years, but it’s application to animals is a recent adjunct of its uses for humans. So far, although much more research is yet to be done, it is showing great promise by many users for pets and larger animals.
Enagic technology has designed a series of small units that can be easily attached to your tap water outlet whether from municipal water or well water.
The main reported health benefit is derived by drinking the alkaline water that is produced through ionization, typically in the 8.5pH to 9.5pH range. Both humans and pets can use it safely, subject to certain commonsense usage (e.g., if a cat is showing elevated levels of alkalinity in the kidneys, high alkaline water is undoubtedly not a good direction in that specific instance unless and until that situation is straightened out). Potential users should keep in mind that the alkalinity increases are caused by virtue of electrical action, as explained below, as opposed to chemical and mineral additives that “store-bought” bottled high alkaline waters typically contain.
So how does Kangen Water™ get produced from an Enagic machine? In a word: electrolysis.
The filtered tap water comes in contact with medical grade titanium plates that have been dipped in medical grade platinum that is electrified by a powerful little transformer, charging the high alkaline drinking water (just push a button to select levels of 8.5pH, 9.0pH or 9.5pH) and creating three significant attributes: higher alkalinity, negative ionic charge (antioxidant) while breaking up globules of water molecules to create smaller clusters of water molecules which allow them to better penetrate the cell wall. The latter increases the level of hydration at a cellular level that simply cannot be attained with large clusters of tap water molecules.
In doing so, the now “healthy water” helps maintain the homeostasis of all of the living systems in the body.
This process allows for neutralization of many toxins, petrochemicals and induced chemicals like chlorine, while changing the pH, to create natural, healthy alkaline water taking the quality of the water back to its primordial origin, hence the name Kangen.
Water filters and filtration systems no matter how complex cannot do this. They are simply better removal devices. Ionizers at this level are actually “powering up” the effectiveness of water to alkalinize, detox and hydrate. That can be as helpful to your pet or farm animal as it is to humans. There is increasing evidence to argue for veracity of that statement.
Although a great deal has been written about the topic,or your further edification as to what your innocent looking tap water might really contain, it is suggested that you read Contaminated Water, p.141, in the book 50 Years of Healing, published by
This will give you further insight as to what you, your family and your family pet may innocently being exposed to merely by drinking your municipal or your well water. Filtering any of that, even for plant watering, is going to be helpful. However, in order to get the best advantages by simply reducing the dangerous
By knowing more about what you DON’T want in your water, this will help you realize why healthy, pre-filtered alkaline water is so effective in keeping ourselves and our pets, disease, allergy and other affliction free.
Further, each of the Enagic ionizers simultaneously produces an acid water from a second outgoing hose under the unit. Strong acid water (of 2.6pH or lesser) has shown itself a powerful antiseptic effective against bacteria, virus and fungus. Much as our bodies enjoy better health internally in an alkaline state, the outer body favors an acid state to help protect us externally. The ionizer mechanism produces a countervailing acid water side at the same time that alkaline water is being taken off the top of the machine. The availability of a non-chemical disinfectant that is simply powered up by electricity instead of chemicals, makes for a very safe, green alternative for some of the tougher pet problems (skin infections, gum deterioration, healing of bite marks, scrapes, saddle sores, insect wounds and the like. There are references and links to sites that show such external improvement in before and after pictures and videos.
How else can Kangen Water™ be helpful? The alkaline aspect may be a good place to start with a body that is showing evidence of a degenerative disease like cancer. Why? Those bodies have typically shown themselves to be more acidic than is thought to be healthy, often ranging from 5.8pH to 6.8pH. It should be noted that cancer thrives in an acid environment that is low in oxygen (anaerobic).
It has been proven that the growth and spread of tumors will occur when the body is in a state of acidosis and low oxygenation, that is, both acidic and anaerobic. The seminal work done by Dr. Otto Warburg in the early part of the last century earned him a Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931. He was unequivocal that an acid environment was an invitation for disease, especially cancer, as research on that malady was his specialty.
As a more direct and immediate example, there is a sodium bicarbonate study from Arizona that demonstrates this principal of tumor reduction by direct injection in mice. The use of strong chemical alkalinizers is promising, but by using Kangen Water™, you might achieve the same effects without fear of “over-alkalining” the way you might if you introduced strong chemical alkaliners into the body without giving the body a chance to buffer. The point, however, is that more practitioners are recognizing the power of ionized water to achieve some of these effects.
This sodium bicarbonate study appears on my website as NaHCO3 Study in Arizona in Mice as well as in my new book that will make available to the general public momentarily.The title of the book is Against the Odds, Given Up For Dead.
My studies have indicated that the use of a premium calcium montmorillinite with a strong negative ion will reverse both of these conditions.
However now, with the availability of having an Enagic unit that produces Kangen Water™, you can get the same beneficial effects with some measure of safety, as this technology has been used by hundreds of thousands of people for many years with no significant reported negative side effects.
Even the best filtration units cannot do this no matter how complex they are. Remember, filters are good at taking contaminants out of water. An ionizer unit starts from filtered water and THEN powers it up for the three stated effects: alkalinity, detoxification and hydration.
Besides the importance of this to the world of human health, I think you can begin to see the importance this kind of water can bring to our animals also.
Often dogs, cats and horses can develop kidney and bladder stones based upon the pH of the urine.Depending on the type of stone or stones found in the urinary system, the pH of the urine will determine whether the stony material remains in solution or precipitates out in the form of a stone.
It is thought that in order to change the pH of the urine, a dietary change will be necessary and is the only way to do this without taking synthetic chemicals to try to alter the PH.
Now there may be an easier way to do this with Kangen Water™, by altering the pH of the water source that the patient is drinking.
Obviously a number of clinical studies are in order to prove this, but there has been some intriguing anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of this theory, as noted in the links below.
One last feature that I find of great importance for those of us that want to disinfect various surfaces in our home, apartment, business or medical facility without exposing ourselves, our family members and our family pets to harmful chemical disinfectants, is the fact that this unit has a setting by simply pushing a button to produce a highly acidic water with a pH low enough to kill almost all bacteria, fungi and mold merely by changing the pH of the environment they seem to live and thrive in. Ironically, the anaerobic environment created by this strong acid water is precisely what kills the above microbial life. Anything below 2.6pH will act within just seconds. Enagic’s machines tend to produce the best and most consistent form of this water for home machines and it is for that reason that most of the early veterinary work in the USA will inevitably be based upon Kangen machines.
Disinfecting this way, we are also not contaminating our environment for future generations of people, plants and animals. Use of this kind of medical grade Japanese water technology may be the ultimate green alternative in our drive for more natural effective health practices in the USA.
If this type of system and Kangen Water™ excites you as it has excited me, please  contact its Malaysian representative by emailing or for a direct telephone contact, please call +60122672188 for Mr Mokhtar Ahmad.
As a Healer, I will always be looking for better ways to help my patients and their owners.
These are just some of my thoughts and I hope they might be of value for yourself, your family and your family pet.
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What is Kangen Water®?

Kindly contact me @ +60122672188 for further inquiries. Mr Mokhtar Ahmad.

Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.